Hand washing, here we come!

Today a visit to the local supermarket, a shopping list and a large shopping trolley was just the start. The kids at HKL boarding house needed soap, new toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and sanitary napkins. With a few children sick in the school, we opted for the more expensive anti-bacterial soap, and also some disinfectant. While there are washing areas for the children to use daily, there are not as many places for hand washing as we would find in a western school.  Rosy, always full of great ideas suggested we set up a camp hand washing station close to the toilets.  We made a quick trip to the market to purchase string, and oranges in a net bag to use as a soap container. We collected a large empty plastic bottle from the guest -house where we are staying. Back at the school, down to the girls compound, a demonstration, and voila, a camp wash station where the kids can wash their hands.

A camp wash station