Little pigs and big pigs at HKL

Walking around the school community we always learn heaps.

Wanting to start income generating projects the boys’ boarding house started raising pigs in the traditional Karen way- keeping the pigs in pens, allowing them to roam, and feeding them rice leftover from the kitchen.  As a pilot project a different method of raising pigs has also been started. The pigs are kept in a pen with a deep pit filled with rice and bean husks. Drinking water is provided through sucking stations. The pen is clean, the pigs fatten quickly, ready for market.  The husks and manure from the pen is later used as compost for the vegetable garden. The funds raised are managed as a micro enterprise development project, money is kept from the sale of the fattened pigs for restocking of piglets, food, and building maintenance.  From the profits of the first round of pig sales, a washing area is being constructed for the small boys, and funds have been kept for the repair of both the small childrens’ dormitory and the older boys bamboo dormitory.

The community and teachers helped to dig a new well which pumps water for the washing machine and then waters the vegetable garden.

Pilot pig raising project