New dormitory

We mentioned construction of a new dormitory for the boys at Hway Ka Loke in our last post.  Here are a few photos taken recently (you can see the storage tanks of the deep-water well in the background).  It’s funded in the majority by Amicus Foundation, but without the support of our regular private donors we’d not have been able to meet the budget of approximately THB150,000.  There’s five rooms in total, though one room is being kept for the owner of the land it’s being built on; he allows the school have the land without charge for as long as there remains a school so it’s not a bad deal.  Each room will house 20 boys and one teacher.  Incredible but true!  The school director, teachers and students are excited and the older boys have been helping with construction during school holidays.  Construction is expected to be completed in the first week of June, depending on the weather.  Rain is not so friendly to construction projects and 80 boys are eagerly awaiting the completion of their new housing.

View from the rear of the building

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